Juniper Publishers Predatory

Juniper Publishers Predatory1

I’ve recently come across a newly shaped dubious publisher by stating fake impact factor in their Global journal of otolaryngology and proved their address in addition as fake which were mentioned on their website.

Juniper Publishers Predatory

Despite you can’t find their impact on Thomson and Reuter’s website and even having concrete evidences of their job recruitment posts on their social websites (Images of their postings) have a look and make world aware and conscious about these types of predatory publishers.

Juniper Publishers Predatory2

Truly they are running out from Hyderabad, India and fooling people with their mass spamming emails request for paper submissions and asking for hidden payment after submission and their motive is to deceive researchers for money scamming with their fake names which wouldn’t find their profiles anywhere. Besides I tried to contact them over the phone and faced a South Asian with improper and unaccomplished English.

Juniper Publishers Predatory4

Impression: Greedy for Money by fooling researchers all over the globe.


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